Digital and Strategy Consultancy

Tinley Media advises companies, charities and public bodies on digital media and broader strategy.

We have supported high-profile projects for public institutions and charities since 2008. Our clients have included Arts Council England, BBC, British Library, Channel 4, Wellcome Trust, Woodland Trust and WWF as well as a range of startups and SMEs.

Given a broad idea or an intricate problem to solve, we can establish a clear vision and manage the practical steps from idea to completion.

We provide expert advice on digital tools in particular, and we can draw in experts in related fields as needed.


Running collaborative meetings to help teams plan and deliver.

We plan and facilitate in-person and online workshops for senior teams (e.g. in the last year for Afrobarometer, Arts Council England, BBC R&D, Chatham House, Trust Africa, and Yorkshire Ballet). Our many years of online experience make us adept at facilitating remotely (e.g. using Zoom breakout rooms and Miro shared whiteboards).


Providing bespoke, independent advice on digital products and services.

We coach senior leaders to help them fill gaps in their technical knowledge so they can make more informed decisions about digital services. As trusted advisors we provide the answers needed to get things done. We mentor junior staff so they can develop the skills required for digital leadership and digital production.


Demonstrating different ways digital tools can be used to solve problems.

We explain possibilities through prototypes so teams gain a deeper understanding of how digital tools can be fitted together. By using widely available tools, problems can be explored and new ideas generated. The approach helps avoid people being bamboozled.


Setting out the steps to run successful projects and services.

We compile guidance (e.g. a guide for senior staff at the BBC which set out a range of innovation methods and described how they could be applied to BBC challenges).


Sourcing tools and creating bespoke physical materials to improve efficiency.

We provide independent advice for procurement (e.g. supporting Arts Council England on its biggest procurement to date for its Impact and Insight Toolkit).


Finding the right creative and technical people to deliver projects.

We find and brief the best specialists (e.g. sourcing and briefing a supplier to build new systems to support the Arts Council England education initiative Artsmark).


Conducting and using audience research to improve products and services.

We devise and lead user research (e.g. collaborative design workshops with the Healthwatch England network to improve digital systems with limited resources).


Editorial and technical quality assurance, and evaluating project effectiveness.

We provide independent evaluation (e.g. for the BBC’s Civilisations season, interviewing museum and gallery partners and making recommendations for future arts projects).


Managing and troubleshooting websites.

We build and maintain WordPress and Drupal websites for select clients (e.g. Modular Garden, Wingate Foundation).

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